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sábado, 20 de setembro de 2014

#Look 1047 Ridin' Solo

[Hair] [taketomi]_Messi_DarkBrowns
[Bandage] RUT Nose Bandage (Human)
[Piercing Face] .Pekka. Revenge  Piercing - M - Chin
[Necklace] Male_Short_[MANDALA]Kamayara_Dogtag_Necklace_Gold
[Tattoo] AITUI TATTOO - Festina Lente   [Faded] NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect
[Piercing]<-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants (Hips) Male
[Pants and Shirt Waist] [ 2byte ] waist shirts jeans M NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect
[Sneaker] Sneaker SPLITTER Creme - Female - REDGRAVE NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect

sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2014

#Look 1046 Im Back

Hey all !! I'm so happy! finally i back before many problems on my rl, i change my home, and the internet service delay, and let me crazy. i would like to ask apologize for this for all readers and sponsors, so sorry. but I'm back and I must inform you only have a couple of days left to hit up the THE MENS DPT SEPT COLLECTION September event before it closes. 
I have much work to do, I ask the understanding of group managers  and sponsors.

[Hair] >> Aeros Hair Javier << Naturals :: basic five
[Facial Hair] -Entente- Facial Hair A - Beard Cinq - Brown - Brows
[Shades] *  S O R G O - EK BlackBlack (SG)
[Headphone] [VALE KOER] VK-HEADPHONES - NECK NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect
[Tattoo] Tattoo Dragon Eye ( 1 ) NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect
[Tank Top] flow . Favelas Loose Fit Tank Top - 01 NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect
[Bracelet] [Bay Harbor] Bracelet (resize) NEWThe Chapter Four September
[Pants] AMERIE M - Mesh Loose Pants(LIGHT)M NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect
[Sneakers] STACKZ LMT NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect

                                                [Poses] oOo xavier_four NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collection
oOo xavier_seven

quinta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2014

I'm Away

Hello dear sponsors! 

Excuse me, because as I said in the previous post, I'm with some personal issues and many Commitments in my rl. I apologize and understanding of all because I will need to stay a few more days away, but I will make an effort to try to make some posts that During team. Soon I will be back and everything will be normalized with the blog. I'm sorry! Again sorry and I hope you understand me.

Have a great day! <3 


quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2014

#Look 1044 Problem

Sponsors Sorry, I have some personal problems and I will do a few posts soon everything will be normal. I apologize and understanding.
Have a great day!


On Shirley Ansari

[Head Bow] Pink Acid Biscuit Giant Head Bow - Red  NEW@ The Gacha Mania 
[Hair] enVOGUE HAIR - Jasmine GIFT
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Shimmer Vday Lip Gloss - Strawberry
[Body] Blush. My body heart - white
[Shorts] Indented----> Granda
[Tattoo] *PerveTTe* [Tattoo] Sex OldWest [Red]  NEW@ The Closer Fair 
[Bag] Pink Acid Biscuit Shoulder Bag - Original/Red RARE  NEW@ The Gacha Mania 
[Pose] Overlow Poses - Pack 35

segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2014

#Look 1043 Ain't It Fun

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] +Spellbound+ Ellie // Blondes
[Glasses] [Z O O M] Monochromatic Sunglass
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Gray Area Thick NEW@ The Black Fair 
[Tattoo] [K] - Celtic-Egiptian tattoo
[Dress] MoDANNA [Variation Collection] Mesh Micro Skirt Grey  NEW@ The Big Show 
[Sweater] NS:: Black lines Waist Sweater
[Socks] :FY: Toeless Socks (grey)
[Shoes] *Reign.- Asphyxia heels- Black Mamba
[Rings] [LX] Empire Midi Rings [Silver] Right Hand
[Watch] [M] Springtime Watch/BLACK/02- common
[Bag] Pink Acid On The Record Mesh Clutch - Grayed  NEW@ The Black Fair 

quarta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2014

#Look 1042 Friends

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] [e] Perrie
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Mixer 03 Lip Stain - Fruit Punch  NEW@The Beach Bum Event 
[Glasses] [Z O O M] Sweet Candy
[Top] -Pr!cK- French Toast [ BlacK ]  NEW@ The Candy Shop 
[Piercing] Cute Poison - Aperient Piercing
[Sweater] NS::  Scottish Waist Sweater
[Rings] -Pr!cK- Happy Toast  NEW@ The Candy Shop 
[Watch] [M] Springtime Watch/BLACK
[Pants] [-S-] Jeggings - Black
[Shoes]CD_ Runway Chocolatte NEW@ The Big Show 

#Look 1041 Fish ^_^

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] [e] Perrie
[Eyelashes] ::Enchanted Ink:: [ Intense Eyelashes]  NEW@ Trend Fashion Fair 
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Mixer 03 Lip Stain - Doll  NEW@The Beach Bum Event
[Necklace] MG - Inlaid Seahorse - GOLD
[Bikini] *PerveTTe* Aloha Bikini [Pink]  NEW@ The Aloha Fair 
[Piercing] Cute Poison - Aperient Piercing
[Ice Cream] [LOVE SOUL] Ice Cream*double-melon*
[Bag] Pink Acid Fishy Fishy Shoulder Bag RS - Deep Ocean Glow RARE <3 NEW@ The Show Room 
[Poses]  Overlow Poses

segunda-feira, 4 de agosto de 2014

#Look 1040 Skyscraper

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] [e] Odette
[Horns] {Amai} Snarkprincess Horns. Pink  NEW@ The Candy Shop 
[Eyelashes] ::Enchanted Ink:: [ Intense Eyelashes]  NEW@ Trend Fashion Fair 
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Overly Done Light Gloss (dark) - Barbee
[Collar]DN Mesh: Viva Collar 
[Top] [LX] Leotard Pink  NEW@ Trend Fashion Fair 
[Nails] 7Five - Slink Finger Nail Polish - Wrath
[Tattoo] [Tattoo] *PerveTTe* Sweet Hand Tattoo NEW@ OMG Room
[Shoes] EMPORIUM - Debbie Shoes  NEW@ Trend Fashion Fair 
[Poses]  Overlow Poses

sexta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2014

#Look 1039 Purple

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] +Spellbound+ Suspiria - Small // Violet
[Glasses] [Z O O M] Monochromatic Sunglass - Purple
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Mixer 03 Lip Stain - Lavendar  NEW@ Beach BumAffair
[Dress] Quantum Dress - S - Fuck Off   NEW@ Suicide Dollz 
[Tattoo] *PerveTTe* Sweet Hand Tattoo  NEW@ OMG Room
[Shoes] [LEFT] :FY: Jellies (black)  NEW@ The Candy Shop 
[Bag] Pink Acid Mesh Bear Case Shoulder Purse - Purples <3  NEW@ The Seasons Story - Summer 
[Poses]  Overlow Poses

quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2014

#Look 1038 Wanderlust

On Shirley Ansari

[Skin] Lara Hurley-Gervaise/Pale
[Hair] [e] Marnie - Blondes
[Eyelashes] ::Enchanted Ink:: [ Intense Eyelashes] NEW@ Trend Fashion Fair 
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Shimmer Vday Lip Gloss - Strawberry
[Top/Cardigan] NS::  Tanktop & Cardigan  NEW@ Trend Fashion Fair 
[Leggings] Maitreya Leggings - Black
[Boots] NS:: Essential Boots Mesh
[Necklace] MoDANNA Felt Necklace NEW@ Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt
[Watch/Bracelets] FEMALE [MANDALA]SITENNOAH_brown
[Bag] NS:: Music Bag music 
[Poses]  Overlow Poses

terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2014

#Look 1037 Seal Pups

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] Exile::L.A. - Light Reds
[Glasses] Exile::L.A. Glasses
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Shimmer Vday Lip Gloss - Strawberry
[Bikini] NS::  Mesh ReTro CuTe Bikini
[Feet/Flip-Flop] N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops
[Seal] Alchemy -  Seal Pups - Balloon ! RARE
[Poses]  Overlow Poses

segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2014

#Look 1036 Wrecking Ball

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] [LeLutka]-JADA hair - BlondeRootsFade
[Eyelashes] Eyelashes -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*
[Glasses] {Blossom} Bobs Glasses FBOFF
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Necee Lip Stain - Berries
[Top] {Blossom} Basic Cetim Top
[Panty] :FY: High Waist Panty (dk pink)
[Bracelets] [MANDALA]Pearl Rain MAPLE Black
[Tattoo 1] *PerveTTe* [Tattoo] Crow Frame  NEW@ Black Dot Project 
[Tattoo2] SOURIRES TATTOOS. - Dark cloud
[Pose] Overlow Poses - Pack 26