[Hair] .ploom. Vanellope - Browns
[Glasses] [Z O O M] Chambs Glasses NEW@ The Crossroads 
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Overly Done Light Gloss (dark) - Barbee
[Top] Addams // Addams Pro Top Gym // Maitreya NEW@ Epiphany
[Bracelet] [Z O O M] To Love Bracelet NEW@ Tres Chic Avenue
[Short] Addams // Addams Pro Short Gym // Maitreya
[Roller Skate] Addams // Addams Pro Short Gym // Maitreya NEW@ Epiphany
[Skate] Addams // Addams Pro Short Gym // Maitreya NEW@ Epiphany

[Hair]  [NO! Project] ANDY Brunette 5
[Ears] Human_EarsPLUGs_R V.1 !DOSSIER
[Beard] Unorthodox Tuff Beard (Prim) [resizer]
[Shirt] [ Excellence ] Shirt_EGO_M
[Pants [ Excellence ] Pants_EGO_M
[Sneaker] *FIR & MNA* The Citizen Boots White Mens
  Check out all the latest releases from your favorite designers!Only a few days left for the closing

[Hair]  Unorthodox Classic Hair Base 1
[Beard]  Unorthodox Tuff Beard (Prim) 

[Necklace]  HX: Gold "Classic" Chains @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Tattoo] .Reckless. - Nash (Fresh) Omega Applier @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Short] - Standard Sizing M - Mens OWEN Shorts  @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Boat] LB_Boat{Mesh} @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Palmetto] LB_Palmetto.v1{Mesh} @TMD (Jul.Collect) 

[Hair]  Unorthodox Classic Hair Base 1
[Beard]  Unorthodox Tuff Beard (Prim) [resizer]
 [Necklace] ///BENJAMINZ///3PIECE CHAIN2- GOLD @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
 [Necklace2]  ///BENJAMINZ///3PIECE CHAIN1- GOLD @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Shirt] ..S..: Trucker Jacket&Shirt - Washed S @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Pants] Wonton: St.Laurent Distressed Jeans -Blak- V2 m
[Bag] HX: Black "Premier" Duffle Bag    @ULTRA Events

                                                    {PM} - Guto
Ultra event is fascinating cluster of elite Second Life shops flanking a one of a kind modern promenade, rich with Palm Springs charm. Next round July 15 - Aug 15

[Beard]  Unorthodox Tuff Beard (Prim) [resizer]
[Tattoo]  .Identity.  Body Shop - Appliers Hud [Glass Heart]
[Shirt] BlankLine StandCollerShirts [Navy] Fitted @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Pants] not so bad . BRANKY pants . fitted mesh . TMP . black @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Sneaker]  [ VERSOV ] VELCROV_UNRIGGED (R) _Black Suede @ULTRA (Open July 15)

[Hat] [ 2byte ] SCKS bucket hat (do) @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Necklace] ///BENJAMINZ/// 3PIECE CHAIN2- GOLD @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Shirt] L&B * Fitted Classic * Swear Patrol Denim Shirt w/ Tee @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Pants] ED. Osaka Pant Fitmesh Lavender @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Tattoo]  .Identity. TMP Deadly Poison [Fresh&Faded]
[Sneaker] [ VERSOV ] JUMPOV_UNRIGGED_Grey & White @TMD (Jul.Collect) 

                                                    {PM} - Phunkeeduck - Monorover - Male 3 ( Black )

[Hair Base] Unorthodox Classic Hair Base 1
[Shades] [ 2byte ] Retro shades (BK) TypeA
[Outfit] [Pumpkin]Everyday attire- Outfit- TMP @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Bracelet]  [ kunst ] - Argus bracelet - dual (M) @TMD (Jul.Collect) 
[Tattoo]  .Identity. TMP Glass Heart [Fresh&Faded] @SuicideDollz
[Sneaker] [AK] - Summer Shoes Gray - TMP @TMD (Jul.Collect) 

                                                    {PM} - Javi

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