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quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2015

#Look 1095 Despicable Me

[Hair] *~*Damselfly*~*Cameron Non-Rigged Mesh NEW@ N21
[Facial Beard] Beusame::Beard V10.2 NEW (versions TMP)
[Piercing] .Pekka. Revenge  Piercing - M - Chin
[Necklace] [BUC] "Oak" Tetra Bead Chain NE@Project Limited 
[Bracelet] [BUC] "FEAR" Tetra Bracelet NE@Project Limited 
[Tattoo] *Bolson The Mesh Project Applier Tattoo Osiris  NEW TMD Jan. Collect
[Pants] [ ExcellencE ] Pants_Fluze_M_M NEW
[Backpack] [WAZ] Survivor Assault Pack GREY  NEW TMD Jan. Collect
[Ladder] A-Frame Ladder Prop (Old Wood) - Diesel WorksNEW TMD Jan. Collect
[Sneakers] Addams // Authentic Dunk 7.0 // Right

#Look 1094 Maps

On Shirley Ansari

[Cap] ::GB:: Dog knit
[Hair] [taketomi]_Momoka_
[Glasses] [Z O O M] Sweet Candy
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Natural
[Hoodie for Jacket] Addams // Military Jacket
[Pants] Addams // Worn Out Jean - Rolled Up
[Boots] Addams // Dr. Addams Boots
[Phone] LC C3 Phone // MUSCHI

segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2015

#Look 1093 Let It Be

Raphael Cyberstar:

[Hat] ~Tableau Vivant~ Otto hair v.2 - Basics NETMD Jan. Collect
[Eye]  .ID. Winter Eyes / Brown NE@Project Limited 
[Necklace]  [BUC] "Oak" Tetra Bead Chain NEW @Project Limited 
[Bracelet] [BUC] "FEAR" Tetra Bracelet NE@Project Limited 
[Tattoo] .Identity. TMP Lost Soul [Fresh&Faded] NE@Project Limited 
[Shoes] Gold_studed_Black_sneakers_mans NETMD Jan. Collect

Melissa Hindrabar style card in : SLFASHIONLINEUP

domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2015

#Look 1092 Let's Go

Raphael Cyberstar (Left):

[Hair]  *~*Damselfly*~*Antonio Non-Rigged Mesh NEThe Seasons Story
[Vest] Wonton: Lynx Cropped Fur Vest / Gray m NETMD Jan. Collect
[Longsleeve] Wonton: Ribbed Cotton Longsleeve V2 / Blak m NETMD Jan. Collect
[Pants] [monso] My Biker Jeans - Blue (guys/ size2) NETMD Jan. Collect
[Boots] JD - Bristol Left Unrig Man Ecru NETMD Jan. Collect

[Pose] {pose maniacs} Chase 1

Keston Karter:

[Hair] Hair: Unorthodox Frohawk- Honeycomb
[Jacket] Top: ** DIRAM ** NICK Jacket & Top - Gris
[Pants] Bottom: VZN - Light Grey Kalbain

sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2015

#Look 1091 Get Lucky

[Hair]*~*Damselfly*~*Owen Non-Rigged Mesh NEW @Event TLC  (Jan 15 - Feb 13´)
[Earphone] Earphone [MyPhone] MUSCHI
[Phone] MyPhone // MUSCHI
[Tattoo].Identity. Body Shop - Into Darkness NE
[Pants] L A U - Visions Sweats // (Trackstar)  NE
[Sneakr] LOW FREESTYLERZ LMT  (Male size) NETMD Jan. Collect
[Longboard] [BUC] "Brainz" Sail Longboard NEW OMG - Oh My Gacha! 


quarta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2015

#Look 1090 Something's Gotta Give

Bad Unicorn Clothing Hawk Shirt Combo in Kustom9 
Coming January 15th

[Hair] [INK] Hair___COSMOS-C :BK(Click Resize)
[Shirt] [BUC] X BENJAMINZ // Hawk Shirt Combo (SIZE XS)  NE@Kustom9  ( Open 15th )
[Pants] [Pumpkin]Patched skinnies (male;M) NEW
 {pose maniacs] Jordan 1 NEW
                {pose maniacs] Jordan 6  NEW              

quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015

#Look 1089 No Pain No Gain

New Mesh Body for men. Available at FaMESHed from the 1st of January.

This is only the first skin. Skin, Tattoo, and Rigging developer kits will be available soon by application.

The body comes with an alpha hud. Which should enable you to still wear the majority of your mesh wardrobe.

It also has a tattoo layer, but as yet, no tattoo appliers available. 

Different hand shapes will become available over the coming weeks. The body will come with open and relaxed hand versions and 3 base sizes of feet.

[Hair] [INK] Hair___OGLE ::Black NEW
[Freckles] *Milk* Odd Beauty Freckles.
[Necklace] flow  . Scapular
[ Skin and Mesh Body´] Kauna - Tauso - Skin (TS01 Tan) [Brows: Dark] NEW
[ Shorts ] flow . Dri-Fit Essential Shorts - 03
[Bench]  N4RS Bench Press  PG  NETMD Jan. Collect
[Towel]  N4RS Gym Towel  NETMD Jan. Collect
[Bottle]  N4RS Water Bottle  NETMD Jan. Collect

terça-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2015

#Look 1088 I Don't Mind

[Hair] *~*Damselfly*~*Colin Non-Rigged Mesh
[Jacket and shirt] BENJAMINZ X BUC // Dark // Cravone Jacket  NETMD Jan. Collect
[Pants] FitMESH v1 Size - Slim Fit - OCELOT Jeans NETMD Jan. Collect
[Boots] J's Short Boots Laceup (Black)

segunda-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2015


NEW!!!{pose maniacs} Jordan     

[Hair]  *Soonsiki! Kaleidoscope *Blacks*
[Tee]  [Pumpkin] Big tee- M
[Sweatpants]  [Pumpkin] Sweatpants (male; M)
[Sneaker]  FLite. -Originals R Goverment

sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2015

#Look 1086 We Can't Stop

TMD january collection. opens on Jan5th 

[Hair] *~*Damselfly*~*2015 Non-Rigged Mesh  NEW ( 50 Lindens) 
[Facial Hair] Beusame::Facial Hair V6.3
[Jacket][ Excellence ] Jacket_Alaska_S NE
[Pants][ Excellence ] Jeans_Pirat_M_
[Sneaker] ///BENJAMINZ/// ALTO - BLACK2- NETMD Jan. Collect

{pose manics} Sergio 3

quinta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2015

#Look 1085 In My Place

[Hair] [taketomi]_Kenji_DarkBrowns (Tied)
[Shades] *  S O R G O - SMQ / Black (SG) 50% OFF
[Waistcoat] not so bad . mesh . ROBIN waistcoat . s . black NEW
[Pants] [Pumpkin]Tight pants(size S)
[Boot] Addams // Dr. Addams Boots Open - Left

{pose maniacs} Chase 5 NEW EXCLUSIVE THE SHOWROOM
{pose maniacs} Chase 6 NEW EXCLUSIVE THE SHOWROOM

sábado, 27 de dezembro de 2014

#Look 1084

Hey guys, Vista Animations just released new male AO. This new AO captures the essence of JOHNNY -  new great male model.
Look this: Video New Ao
Link for buy: Vista
Slow movement, calm poses with a strong attitude. With a natural relaxed breath effect.
Select CHATTING mode and play only the more calm static stands.
We hope you love this new release from Vista Animations
7 new walks, 1 new run, 18 new stands, 5 new sits and 5 new grounds, 5 new jumpsm flights etc etc
And do not forget to visit TMD Collection Dec.

[Hair] *~*Damselfly*~*Chase Non-Rigged Mesh Big Pack  NETwenty One No21
[Beard] +Spellbound+ Monster Beard // All Colours
[Coat] [MotiAme] Coat - (M) NETMD Dec. Collection
[Pants].:villena:. - tucked up jeans M/M dark blue
[Boots]*ordinary* -Gorilla-  Black

[Bag]´-David Heather-Travel Carryon/Black RARE NETMD Dec. Collection

                                                     {pose maniacs} Chase 5  NEW THE SHOWROOM
                       {pose maniacs} Chase 6 NE