Hey guys, Vista Animations just released new male AO. This new AO captures the essence of JOHNNY -  new great male model.
Look this: Video New Ao
Link for buy: Vista
Slow movement, calm poses with a strong attitude. With a natural relaxed breath effect.
Select CHATTING mode and play only the more calm static stands.
We hope you love this new release from Vista Animations
7 new walks, 1 new run, 18 new stands, 5 new sits and 5 new grounds, 5 new jumpsm flights etc etc
And do not forget to visit TMD Collection Dec.

[Hair] *~*Damselfly*~*Chase Non-Rigged Mesh Big Pack  NETwenty One No21
[Beard] +Spellbound+ Monster Beard // All Colours
[Coat] [MotiAme] Coat - (M) NETMD Dec. Collection
[Pants].:villena:. - tucked up jeans M/M dark blue
[Boots]*ordinary* -Gorilla-  Black

[Bag]´-David Heather-Travel Carryon/Black RARE NETMD Dec. Collection

                                                     {pose maniacs} Chase 5  NEW THE SHOWROOM
                       {pose maniacs} Chase 6 NE

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] [e] Marnie
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Shimmer Vday Lip Gloss - Strawberry
[Sweatshirt] :FY: Christmas Sweatshirt GIFT
[Pants] .:villena:. - H/W Leggings Black
[Boots] SHEY - Raissa Boot
[Dog] Birdy - A Pug Xmas - Rudolf pug  NEThe Chapter Fou
[Pose] Overlow Poses -  Pack 43 NEW

[Hair] *~*Damselfly*~*Nicolas Non-Rigged Mesh  NETwenty One No21
[Scarf]  Mesh Scarf (unrigged+resizer) - DUDE - REDGRAVE NETMD Dec. Collection[Jacket+Top]  (M-Size) Knit Jacket+Top - DUDE - REDGRAVE NETMD Dec. Collection
[SweatPants] (S-Size BOY) SweatPants - STEEL - REDGARVE NETMD Dec. Collection
[Sneaker] LOW CUTTLERZ LMT (Male size) NETMD Dec. Collection

[Poses]  {pose maniacs} Trey 6  NEW

On Raphael Cyberstar

[Beanie] [Bay Harbor] Beanie (Grey) NEW The Chapter Fou
[Shades] [Z O O M ] Evumark Sunglasses [Black]
[Necklace] ///BENJAMINZ/// - JESUS TRILOGY NEW Winter Trend Event
[Hoodie] Wonton: Audran Wool Jumper / Blak s NETMD Dec. Collection
[Pants] [ ExcellencE ] Jeans_Pirat_M_M NEW
[Sneaker] FLite. -Gianni  Hightops . White
[Penguin]´Pure Poison - King Penguin  NEW THE ARCADE

[Poses] {pose manics} Sergio 4 NEW

On Shirley Ansari

[Hair] [e] Cassidy
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Mixer 03 Lip Stain - Powder Pink
[Coat] Addams // Wool Coat
[Pants] Spirit Store - Kusa skinny jeans
[Boots] Addams // Dr. Addams Boots
[Dog] .tsg. Yorkie Twin Bows - Caramel  NEThe Arcade

[Hair] [INK] Hair___COSMOS-Gust :BR RARE(Click Resize) NETMD Dec. Collection
[Jackt+Shirt] SPIRIT - Vector biker jacket&shirt [M] male NETMD Dec. Collection
[Pants] SPIRIT - Vector pants [M] male NETMD Dec. Collection
[Boots] -Entente - Soldat Boots -

[Bike] xin. supah bikes + not wolverine RARE. NETMD Dec. Collection

{pose maniacs} Raphael 1
{pose maniacs} Raphael 2

On Shirley Ansari

[Headband] Magika
[Hair] Exile::Young and Beautiful
[Glasses] (Yummy) Quinn Frames - Black
[Ring] (Yummy) Lucy - Gold Metal (Septum)
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Mixer 03 Lip Stain - Powder Pink
[Necklace] ::Fabuleux:: My Necklace Love
[Cardigan] - JOY - Cardigan  - M
[Pants] .:villena:. - H/W Leggings Black
[Shoes] CD_ Runway Chocolatte
[Backpack] *MishMish* Jackalope Backpack - Pink
[Poses] Overlow Poses  Pack 27 / Pack 42

[Hair] >> Aeros Hair Javier << Naturals :: basic five
[Necklace] MALE[MANDALA]SHAMIRA DOG TAG necklace/Black
[Glasses] BLK2.0 - BEAST Glasses - [White] NETMD Dec. Collection
[Bracelet] [Bay Harbor] Bracelet (resize)
[Bracelet] *  S O R G O - SkullBracelet GOLD/DIAMS
[Tattoo] .Identity.  - No Destiny [Faded] Jacket
[Pants] .:villena:. - Chinos [M/M] in Taupe
[Boots] Addams // Dr. Addams Boots Open - NEW

{pose maniacs} Theo 5 NEW
{pose maniacs} Theo 6 NEW
Hey guys, New Couple Poses  {Pose Maniacs}  

Hey Guys, The Mens Dept. starting Dec. 5th.

[Hat] *~*Damselfly*~*Brock (M) Non-Rigged Mesh   NEW
[Facial Hair] Fruk Face Fuzz - Heavy stubble
[Phone] Earphone [MyPhone] MUSCHI
[Hoodie and Scarf] not so bad . mesh . KISHI pullover . s . dark blue NETMD DEC. Collection
[Pants] [ ExcellencE ] Jeans_Pirat_M_S  NEW
[Sneaker] FLite.-Clearports

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