[Head] NO! Head.2015232 - No Ears
[Hair] *~*Damselfly*~*Derrick Non-Rig Mesh V1 Animated Gif New (37)
[Jacket] ///BENJAMINZ/// HUNTED LUMBERJACK- M @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Tattoo] .Identity. TMP Honor First [Fresh&Faded] Arms  @ShinyShabbyAnimated Gif New (37)
[Beer] .Reckless. Craft Beer 1 Hold @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] .:villena:. - Chinos [M/M] in Black
[Boots] [ h ] Heritage Boots - Regular + Socks -

{PM}  - Raphael

[Snap] [VALE KOER] DOGLOGO SNAPBACK @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Necklace] .09 [ kunst ] - Rockstar necklace / gold (M) @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Jacket + Tshirt] [ 2byte ]Off sleeve denim jacket M @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Handheld] BUENO-BSP-Scully-Handheld Typer-Black @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] Lumiere Apparel - Slim Fit Jeans - Denim No.1
[Boota] Addams // Authentic Dunk 7.0 //

      {PM} Chase 3

[Head] NO! Head.2015232 - No Ears
[Hair] booN EWI547 hair black  @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Beard] >> Aeros Beard Raul << Naturals :: basic five
[Glasses] .Reckless. - Vandel Glasses  @UBERAnimated Gif New (37)
[Jacket] Fabio Navy Blue Jacket M  @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants+Boot] [ ExcellencE ] Pants_Kazachek_M_S

{PM} Javi
TMD -The Holiday Collection opens Dec 5th 12 noon SLT. There are some gachas this round since its the holiday round to give out gifts.

[Beanie] *~*Damselfly*~*Kirby-Men's Non-Rigged Mesh ( Gift  KittyCatS in Store Damselfly)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pipe] [NikotiN]  MOUTH Pipe Wood (Black)
[Watch] [ dynasty ] - GMT24 - RGold & Leather
[Tattoo] .Identity. TMP Empire's Fall [Fresh&Faded] @WinterTrend2015Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] * SORGO - HOS SweetPants / B.RED M @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[TV] [BUC] Stolen TV (wear) @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Sneaker] [Shoeminati] FreeRunX - Orange Blaze - 
[Dog[Manticore] Puppy v3
Hi guys, this look for the December round of TMD. 

Opening December 5th!

[Hair] [NO! Project] ANDY Brunette 5 Animated Gif New (37)
[Shades] Sunglasses Aviators-PILOT/Female - REDGRAVE
[Facial] Unorthodox Vicious (C) Facial Hair [mod]
[Tattoo] .Identity. TMP Oh Sailor [Fresh&Faded]
[Jacket] FitMESH v1 Size - EASTON Jacket w/SHIRT - ColdAsh @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Ring] MINIMAL - The Two Ring @TMD (Dec.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] INVICTUS - jeans demolished dark - Brown Belt
[Boots] [Deadwool] Ulrich boots - (non rig.) reinforced - brown -  Animated Gif New (37)

{PM} Rocco 4 Animated Gif New (37)

[Hat] [BUC] Bonds Baseball Cap
[Beard] >> Aeros Beard Raul << Naturals :: basic five
[Backpack] GALI by Soy. Mnml Backpack [Male]
[Tattoo] .Reckless. - Hunter - TMP Appliers @TMD (Nov.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] ::GB:: Chain denim pants [boots in]_black @TMD (Nov.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Sneaker] SAYO - Refuge HiTops - Male (Unrigged)  - Denim/Black @TMD (Nov.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)

{PM}Javi 1
{PM} Rocco 5

[Hair] *~*Damselfly*~*Roh Non-Rigged Mesh
[Beards] >> Aeros Beard Raul << Naturals :: basic five
[Necklace] Ariskea[Berwood] Pendant [Addme] @SadNovemberAnimated Gif New (37)
[Sunglass] [Z O O M] Weed's Wood Sunglass
[Sweater] [ 2byte ] mo sweater S @TMD (Nov.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] Laundry Day Sweats (S) - Black @TMD (Nov.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Sneaker] [VALE KOER] FUTURE MAG UNRIGGED RIGHT @TMD (Nov.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pose] {PM} Rocco 4 Animated Gif New (37)

[Head]  [NO! Project] Head.2015232 -(Custom Head)
[T-shirt].Reckless. - Winston Shirt - Black @TMD (Nov.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Bracelet] ///BENJAMINZ/// KINGS /// BRACELET-GOLD @TMD (Nov.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Tattoo] Corpo - Dermacide Tattoo TMP Applier @SadNovemberAnimated Gif New (37)
[Pants] V-Spot - Superfreak Sweat Pants PRECIOUS @SadNovemberAnimated Gif New (37)
[Dog and Pose] the pose shop. dog days // Sad November exclusive @SadNovemberAnimated Gif New (37)
[Umbrella] the pose shop tps. umbrella // add @SadNovemberAnimated Gif New (37)

[Head]  [NO! Project] Head.2015232 -(Custom Head)
[Hair]*~*Damselfly*~*Kline Rigged Mesh  @TMD (Nov.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Glasses]MINIMAL - Astur II Glasses GoldenRoof@TMD (Nov.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Jacket]Rainy Days Leather Jacket (L) Black   @SadNovemberAnimated Gif New (37)

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