Hello my Brothers,Readers,Creators ....I would like to say that  i'll be away from sl,  i'm very busy in my rl and  i dont know how time i will be offlline.IM SO SORRY for creators and Readers but i need much, so i ask patience.
Have a nice and beautifull week ,Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!!!

[Hair] [Atro Patena] - Eric_Black
[Shades] [Z O O M] Corsylos Sunglass NEW
[Cigarette] [NikotiN]  Cigarette_Dirty   (v.3) NEW
[Jacket] <kal rau> Leather Jacket M2 + Tee - Combo_Size 01 NEW
[Pants] <kal rau> Casual Chino_Grey Size 01 NEW
[Belt] <kal rau> Casual Chino Belt A_Size 01
[Boots] *ordinary* -Gorilla- R Black

[Hat] -Entente- Marc Hat & Hair - Brown - Dark Brown
[Piercing] .Pekka. Revenge  Piercing - M - Chin
[Bandage] RUT Nose Bandage (Human)
[Jacket]D R O P . Nylon Parka (PLxPK) -Size S- NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dec. Collection
[Pants] [Barmaley] pants__M_M
[Shoes] FLite.- TMD Collections L Black Tear NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dec. Collection

[Hat] [Avoid] Sideway Fitted -
[Sunglasses] [Z O O M] Corsylos Sunglass NEW
[Cadigan] [Benjaminz] Red / Blue - Cardigan_S_ NEW
[Cup] [SF] starbocks coffee (wear)
[Pants] <kal rau> Casual Chino_Blue Size 01 NEW
[Shoes] DN: TheBOS Sneakers (L)

[Hair] [Atro Patena] - Bang Bang_Black
[Face Tattoo] Obscure - Black Army Tattoo - Option 2
[Ears] Tunnel(Hole_size_2/R) Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA]
[Necklace] MALE(spine)[MANDALA]KARMA Necklace/Justice BLACK
[Headphone] ISPACHI [Attero Futuristic Vintage Headphones] Right Hand
[Tank] Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK LEATHER PIN TUCK TANK TOP "M"NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dec. Collection
[Bracelet] (A type/R)JYUZU SINRA bracelet/men/SAMURAI BLACK
[Tattoo] Vestigium - Foo Tattoo [T] I NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dec. Collection
[Short] not so bad . HOANI shorts  . white NEW
[Boot] *chronokit* Boots03 Black NEW

[Pose] Poseology - Evans 6 NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dec. Collection

[Cap] *ARGRACE* Baseball cap2/Kyler A [resize] - Ebony
[Hoodie] L a u- Bulls  Varisty Hoodie (Size M)   NEW
[Pants] .:villena:. - tucked up jeans M/M dark blue
[Sneakers] [ D I R V A L ] Sneakers_BLAST
[Truck] HIStrUCK! NEW

[Pose]Poseology - Evans 2 NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dec. Collection

[Beanie]. Liquence . - M1 in Blacks
[Coat] {Howl} Winterreise Coat [Khaki] - M NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dec. Collection
[Pants] [Pumpkin]Tight pants(size S)
[Shoes] [LOVE RE ME]Boots#02 broun*check(R) NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dec. Collection

                  [Poses] Poseology - Evans 1 NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dec. Collection

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Campbell hair - Summer -
Ears: *Epic* Fantasy Faun Ears {Plain} [Snow]
Antlers: .Mes Sucreries. Bound Antlers - White
Bra: Blah. (My Lovable Pois Lingerie Top) Black N E W@The AZZ show
Pants and Legs: *Epic* Digi Yoga Pants Legs {Smoke}-Wht N E W@The AZZ show
Belly Chain: - Pr!cK - PunKLy HipAzz Chain { MilF }N E W@The AZZ show

[Hair] [INK] Hair___AGAINST ::Baige  NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dec. Collection
[Shades] J U D A S ::: The Revolution "Vintage Versace" Shades
[Shirt] [Deadwool] Durden shirt - (full blue tartan) - M NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Dez. Collection
[Pants] .Cutz. - Skinny Jeans -Blue- M
[Boots] [Benjaminz] Revolt Boots - (Sesame Chicken)

[Poses] HISpose 4 (HISattitude)

Right Raphael Cyberstar
[Hair] [Atro Patena] - Eric_Black
[Ears] Tunnel(Hole_size_3/L) Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA]
[Necklace] [D.G] necklace crossfire
[Face Tattoo] [NW] War face tattoo black
[Stripes] .Identity. Body Shop - Black Stripes VII Faded
[Tank] <kal rau> Tanktop_Pink Size 002 NEW 
[Boink] Boink Bat (blue)
[Bracelet] Retro' - black cross bracelet MESH
[Pants] [Barmaley ] Pants_Arma_M
[Shoes] S-PRO R (Male size)

Left Rafael Cortiella Check In

[Hair] eep . hair 006 . black02
[Face Tattoo] Obscure - Black Army Tattoo - Option 1 NEW 
[Phone] [kusshon] cell phone for TV chair *wear with phone anim*
[Tee] L a u - Asap Worldwide [M] Mens Tee NEW 
[Pants] <kal rau> Casual Chino_Orange Size 01 NEW 
[Sneaker] [ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Varial-LOW v2  /
[Tattoo] .:Boss Tattoo:. - Sweet Sacrifice [Faded]
[Watch] ::JLB:: Apparel - DIGITASTIC Watches - Orange

          ::AP:: Phone Pose 1 Male:: NEW 
::AP:: Phone Pose 3 Male::

[Skin] .Birdy. Damon skin ~Porcelaine~ (Black) NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection
[Cap] *ARGRACE* Baseball cap2/Kyler B - Ash Black
[Ring] (Hand size35/L/Ring only)MANDALA mens SINRA Rings/samurai black
[Jacket] [Sheep Door] Simple Parka Red male(M) NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection
[Short] not so bad . UGO denim shorts . s . faded NEW 
[Shoes] flow . Alpargata Black -NEW 

Table: :CP: Nolan Bare Foosball Table (PG) NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection

Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ Fairy Natural] + AL vulo!* metalized red Fairy Ewa N E W
Hair: -LaViere- Nadia/Glow
Earrings: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Cross Earring Gold N E W
Rings (L): MG - Rings - Talia Cluster - Ring1
Rings (R): MG - Rings - Talia Cluster - Ring1 -
Watch: *chronokit* watch no.38 QUASAR black
Top: * KITJA CHERIE * Spike Blouse Black N E W
Pants: Spirit Store - Drema 2  jeans [GRAY] N E W
Bag:..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Diana Satchel Right (Black) N E W
Shoes: >.H.C.< QUINN

[Hair] TRUTH HAIR Jon - Black&Whites04
[Tattoo] .Identity.  - Music Heals [Faded] Tattoo
[Necklace] etham - Royal Cross Necklace [Black>Silver] 
[Ring] MANDALA mens SINRA Rings/samurai black
[Tank] not so bad . NIELS tank top . s . brown NEW
[Pants]  [ BarmaleY ] Pants_Arma_V2_ NEW
[Sandal] " Sandal Summer " R Black

[Hair] TRUTH HAIR Jon - Black&Whites04
[Necklace] etham - Royal Cross Necklace [Black>Silver] #1
[Tattoo] .Identity.  - Music Heals [Faded] Tattoo
[Watch] ! The Vault Proton Watch Red/Black (Men)
[Boxe] flow . Men's  Boxer Brief - Red 1  NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection

[Hat] .Reckless. - Gacha Snapback 2.
[Necklace] ieQED realize.necklace.gold NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection
[Cigarette] [ D I R V A L ] [NikotiN]    Cigarette_ Premium  (v.4) NEW
[Watch] ::JLB:: Apparel - Mixtape Watch -  The 80's Best
[Backpack] =Zenith=Rammus Leather Backpack  Close(Black) M Size NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection
[Pants] [ BarmaleY ] Pants_Arma_V2_Blue NEW
[Tattoo1] Identity. - Hungry Pacman [Faded] Pants
[Tattoo2] Tattoo Hard To Kill ( 1 ) NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection
[Shoes] S-PRO L (Male size)

[Hair] [taketomi]_Baradi_Black01
[Beard] [CheerNo] BEARD.07 combo -Entente- Facial Hair A - Chin Curtain - Black - Bald
[Shades] *  S O R G O - EK BlackBlack (G)
[Coat] etham - Mateo Coat - Black - M NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection
[Scarf] [PM]Pixel Mode - Winter Scarf - Mens NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection
[Pants] <kal rau> Casual Chino_Striped 1 Size 01 NEW
[Shoes] ::GB::WingT_high cut_flower_R NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection

[Chair] .encore. President's Chair - PG NEW @ The Mens Dpt  Nov. Collection

flow . mesh . Hat - Highway to Hell
Kauna - Zombie Skin
Kauna - Blazer Zombie: Navy /w Blue Shirt
Kauna - Zombie Trousers: Navy
Kauna - Zombie Brogues: (Left)

[Raincoat] [Deadwool] Walden raincoat - yellow - M NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Pants] <kal rau> Casual Chino_Grey Size 01  NEW 
[Sneakers] L a u- Maison Martin Shoes [L] . Yellow .  NEW 
[Pose]::AP::Check My Kicks Pose 1::

The Mens Dpt  October Collection

[Skin] Clef de Peau:Theo:T5 Black Stache NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Hat] L a u- Raiders Snapback .  NEW
[Sweater]::GB::High-necked sweater/Gray (M) NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Pants] [Pumpkin]Tight pants(size M)
[Boots] [Benjaminz] Revolt Boots -Left- (Beef N Broccli)  NEW

[Hair] [taketomi]_Kuzuri_Black01 NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Shades] [ContraptioN] Specialist's Goggles *default* NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Tattoo] [Sleepy Bozer] - Phantograph NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Jacket] AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY - Cowl'd Thermal - Black_s NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Pants] [Pumpkin]Tight pants(size M)
[Boots] Lucien.Marcelo // SUEDE ZIPPED MILITARY BOOTS "M,L" NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection

T U N E - KoRn - Word Up

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [Berry] - [Peach]
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Katya
Jacket: *chronokit* Tailored Jacket Check Red Women NEW
Undertop: [LF] Ripped Shirts Coke Girls
Pants: .:villena:. - skinny jeans G1b
Sneakers: alterego I sugarsmack wedge NEW

[Cap] ::Fe Style:: Snapback W.1 Gray & Red NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Jacket] [BarmaleY] jacket_PRO_Red NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Pants] D R O P . Casual Pants (Ivory) -Male Size S- * NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Sneaker] [ D I R V A L ] Sneakers_BLAST

[Hair] [taketomi]_Michi_Black03
[Backpack] ::Mr.Poet::Leather Backpack/Left shoulder
[Shades] * S O R G O - STEAM Black GOLD(SG) NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Tattoo] [Sleepy Bozer] - Phantograph (Copy for Stacking ) NEW @ The Mens Dpt  October Collection
[Blazer] *chronokit* Tailored Jacket Men NEW
[Pants]`Blvck Anchor` Cesar v7 M

T U N E - Chevelle - Send The Pain Below

Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [Berry] - [Peach]
Hair: [Castellian] Theonilla Hair - Blond NEW
Lipstick: Seduce Lipstick - Black
Bow: RO - Briar Bow - Black - Plain
Top: .Mes Sucreries. Kawaii Lingerie Black NEW
Pants: Spirit Store - Maria leggings [BLACK] NEW
Tattoo: .:DP:. Raven Tattoo - Medium (With Lolas/Lush and Phat Azz Appliers)
Necklace: ..:: Bens Beauty ::. Glamorous Cross Necklace Gold NEW

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