Shirley Ansari

                                                 [Hair] [taketomi]_Mio_Balayage 
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Natural
[Dress] Addams // Vera Tight Holes Dress // Maitreya  Animated Gif New (37)
[Watch] Bens Beatuy - Dokata Watch (Gold)
[Tattoo] Infected - Shield Tattoo (Maitreya Applier)
[Shoes] Poute Timber High Wedges 
[Pose]  *CS* Blank Space - Pose w/Car

Justtin Aeon More Info

[Hair] *Soonsiki~ Hush *Breasts*
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Natural
[Collar] [BB] Fresh Water Pearls Choker - Pink
 [Lingerie] Addams // Elizabeth Lingerie // Old Pink NEW@ Epiphany 
[Pose] Overlow Poses - Pack 74 

[Hair] Unorthodox Odell Hair Chocolate w/wisps (rescale) @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] REPRESENT - Raw Exhaust Fade Jeans "S, Black"
[Ball] [Bad Unicorn] "Orange" Basketball (wear) @The EpiphanyAnimated Gif New (37)

[Headdress] Vika Store - War bonnet Animated Gif New (37)

[Face tattoo]  [NW] War face tattoo black&white

[Tattoo] .Reckless. - Miel (Faded) @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)


 {PM}Lucas 5
Have you been to visit the new April round of TMD ? We have few days left until the end of the month , and preparing for another great round.

[Hair] Unorthodox -- Comeback Hair [M] (Wear)
[Earring] [Bad Unicorn] Black Gauge SIZE S (Right Ear)
[Shades]* SORGO - LESHO Shades / BLACK (SG)
[Beard] >> Aeros Beard Raul << Naturals :: basic five
[Jacket] C L A Vv. Elian Sweater Black Bicycle M  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants].:villena:. - Chinos [M/M] in Black
[Boots] FLI. - Turbular F Olive



[Hair] The Monarchs - Pyramid Hair
[Earring] [Bad Unicorn] Black Gauge SIZE S (Right Ear)
[Beard] >> Aeros Beard Raul << Naturals :: basic five
[Watch] [Bad Unicorn] "Auric" Pharaoh Watch  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Tee] // SEUL GARCON \\ - Band Tee M  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Tattoo].Identity. Body Shop - The Insider @anyBODYAnimated Gif New (37)
[Pants] not so bad . BRANKY pants . xs . black
[Phone] {PM}Iphone 6 Plus



[Hair] Unorthodox Odell Hair Chocolate w/wisps (rescale)  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Beard] >> Aeros Beard Raul << Naturals :: basic five
[Tattoo] .Identity. Body Shop - The Ascendant  @The Creativity Collective Animated Gif New (37)
[Tank] REPRESENT - Essential Trail Tank "S, Fatpack"  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Bracelet] [BLK2.0] SKULLY_BRACELET (BLACK)  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Bag] HX: Ballin' Black Drawstring Bag
[Pants] [VALE KOER] ESSENTIAL JOGGERS TMP M  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Sneaker] [Shoeminati] FreeRunX - Orange Blaze -



[Hair] [taketomi]_Mio_Balayage
[Sunglass] [Z O O M] A.Romeo Sunglass
[T-Shirt] Addams // Kim Loose T-Shirt Low Rise // Maitreya NEW@ Collabor88 
[Jeans] Addams // Ginger Boyfriend Jean w/Belt // Maitreya NEW@ Collabor88 
[Shoes] [Z O O M] Lolli Shoes SlinkFeet  NEW@ The Shoe Project Fair 
[Pigs] Pink Acid Flying Piglet Companion / Pink Acid Flying Roped Wrist Piglet - Pink RARE NEW@ The Seasons Story 
  [Pose] Overlow Poses - Pack 78
TMD april !  open!

[Beanie] [ 2byte ] beanie 01  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Facial Hair]  Unorthodox Vicious (C) Facial Hair [mod]
[Jacket]  ..S..: Denim Romper Jacket - Dark L  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] ..S..: Wax Motor Pants - Black M  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)
[Sneaker]  [VALE KOER] VASIFORMS UNRIGGED (Group Gift Vale koer)
[Skateboard]  HX: Black Motion Skateboard (Wear to Ride)  @TMD (April.Collect)Animated Gif New (37)

[Pose 2] 

 {PM}Pierre 5

[Hair] little bones. Vapor
[Glasses] (Yummy) Quinn Frames - Pink
[Piercing][Z O O M] Osis Mini Piercing   NEW@ The Chapter Four 
[Septum] [Z O O M] Osis Septum  NEW@ The Chapter Four 
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Natural
[Top] Addams // Rita Top w/Buttons // Maitreya
[Overalls] Addams // Catalina Overall Short // Maitreya
[Bulldog] Pink Acid Our Dear Ivy English Bulldog Female  NEW@ The Chapter Four 
 [Pose] Overlow Poses - Pack 78

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