#Look 660 The mens dpt, not so bad, bufu, Muschi.Fruk , Hispose


[Hat] -Entente- Marc Hat & Hair - Brown - Dark Brown
[Shades] Muschi - Hipsten Shades
[Skin] FRUK Knox skin shade 4 - The Babyface - brown hair
[Jacket] [LOVE RE ME]Letter Jacket innerwear (M)(L)
[Jacket] [BuFu]Prod0.7_Mesh_Jeans_UltraCuffs_OriginalBlue / M NEW
[Sneaker] not so bad . MAEL sneakers . suede olive (R) NEW

{vespertine- sorting shelf/ bleached wood.} ( The Mens Dpt )

               [Pose] HISpose: I Love Music  Headphones [WEAR]
HISpose: I Love Music Stool

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