#Look 752 Vista animations, flow, nivaro, the mesh shop, muschi,{pose maniacs}


[Skin] -NIVARO- Adam Skin - lighttone - nohair_clean_hair NEW
[Hat] [Avoid] *Mesh* Trucker Hat - Swag
[Watch] The Mesh Shop (Dutch) Turbine Watch V1.0 SET
[Ears] Plug(Hole_size_1/) Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA]
[Necklace] MALE_[MANDALA]OKAKI Dog tag Necklace/SILVER NEW
[T-shirt] MUSCHI - Restful (T-shirt Regata) black NEW
[Short] flow . drop crotch shorts - size liquid NEW (coming soon)
[Shoes] 2@Real PURE_

[Poses] {pose maniacs}  Allan 1
             {pose maniacs}  Allan 4

The latest male dances from Vista Animations take their inspiration straight from the dance floors of Techno clubs and festivals across the world.
These Techno dances are the freshest release from Vista Animations and have been created using the latest motion capture technology in real life.
*5 Style of Techno Dances*

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