#Look 1046 Im Back

Hey all !! I'm so happy! finally i back before many problems on my rl, i change my home, and the internet service delay, and let me crazy. i would like to ask apologize for this for all readers and sponsors, so sorry. but I'm back and I must inform you only have a couple of days left to hit up the THE MENS DPT SEPT COLLECTION September event before it closes. 
I have much work to do, I ask the understanding of group managers  and sponsors.

[Hair] >> Aeros Hair Javier << Naturals :: basic five
[Facial Hair] -Entente- Facial Hair A - Beard Cinq - Brown - Brows
[Shades] *  S O R G O - EK BlackBlack (SG)
[Headphone] [VALE KOER] VK-HEADPHONES - NECK NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect
[Tattoo] Tattoo Dragon Eye ( 1 ) NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect
[Tank Top] flow . Favelas Loose Fit Tank Top - 01 NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect
[Bracelet] [Bay Harbor] Bracelet (resize) NEWThe Chapter Four September
[Pants] AMERIE M - Mesh Loose Pants(LIGHT)M NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect
[Sneakers] STACKZ LMT NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collect

                                                [Poses] oOo xavier_four NEW@ The Mens Dpt Sept Collection
oOo xavier_seven

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