#Look 1089 No Pain No Gain

New Mesh Body for men. Available at FaMESHed from the 1st of January.

This is only the first skin. Skin, Tattoo, and Rigging developer kits will be available soon by application.

The body comes with an alpha hud. Which should enable you to still wear the majority of your mesh wardrobe.

It also has a tattoo layer, but as yet, no tattoo appliers available. 

Different hand shapes will become available over the coming weeks. The body will come with open and relaxed hand versions and 3 base sizes of feet.

[Hair] [INK] Hair___OGLE ::Black NEW
[Freckles] *Milk* Odd Beauty Freckles.
[Necklace] flow  . Scapular
[ Skin and Mesh Body´] Kauna - Tauso - Skin (TS01 Tan) [Brows: Dark] NEW
[ Shorts ] flow . Dri-Fit Essential Shorts - 03
[Bench]  N4RS Bench Press  PG  NETMD Jan. Collect
[Towel]  N4RS Gym Towel  NETMD Jan. Collect
[Bottle]  N4RS Water Bottle  NETMD Jan. Collect

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