#Look 1167 I'm lighting up my feet


[Hair]TRUTH HAIR  Olympia - LightBrowns  NEW@ Uber 
[Eyeliner] [THD] Heavy Eyeliner
[Eyelashes] MaiBilavio:. Clump Princess Lash Set
[Lipstick] Pink Acid Mixer 03 Lip Stain - Powder Pink
[Gum] [S] GUM // MUSCHI
[Earphone] Earphone // MUSCHI
[Top] Addams // Ana Tank Top with Buttons // Maitreya NEW@ Uber 
[Short] Addams // Short Gym 2.0 // Maitreya  NEW@ Uber 
[Rings] PUNCI . My Rings Set #3 . 10 . Maitreya
[Phone] LC C3 Phone // MUSCHI
[Sneackers] Addams // Authentic Dunk 7.0 //

[Pose] {PM} Phunkeeduck - Monorover - Female 2 ( White )

Tune: Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

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