[Crown] Pink Acid The Mermaids Kingdom Crown - Gold RARE NEW@ The Seasons Story 
[Hair] [taketomi]_Mio_Balayage NEW@ Kustom9 
[Dress] -Pixicat- Aquatic.Dress - Black NEW@ Collabor88 
[Panties] Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara Mesh Panties
[Shoes] Bens Boutique - Megan Platform (Maitreya) - Black
[Pose] - Overlow - Pack 58

[Skin] Clef de Peau:Calum:T4 Base TMD (Jul)Animated Gif New (37)
[Hair] [taketomi]_Messi_DarkBrowns
[Facial] Beusame::Facial Hair V5.1
[Jack][ ExcellencE ] Jacket_Max_M (MOM) Jul Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] ::GB::Roll up denim pants_FAT(TMP) TMD (JulAnimated Gif New (37)
[Bag][BUC] Zante Duffle Bag TMD (JulAnimated Gif New (37)
[Sneaker] ///BENJAMINZ/// PRMQS (SNOW)

                                                                            {PM} Lucas

On Shirley Ansari

[Hat] Astralia - Boho Beach HAT NEW@ FashionTropic 
[Hair] CATWA HAIR Leah [Freesize]
[Glasses] Astralia - Fluo shades with full RARE NEW@ Mesh Avenue 
[Lisptick] Pink Acid Overly Transparent Lip Gloss - Summer
[Necklace] *MM* Yummy Charm Necklace
[Top] Addams // Sirena Top for Women // Maitreya NEW@ Kustom9 
[Watch] Bens Beatuy - Dokata Watch (Gold) 
[Ring] Pink Acid Mermaids Starfish & Pearl Ring - Coral NEW@ The Seasons Story 
[Shorts] .Lvl93. Mica Retro Shorts - White 
[Shoes] Bens Boutique - Salome Platform (Maitreya) - Blue
[Ice-Cream] Label Motion - Yummy ice-cream {Rainbow flavour) GIFT 
[Poses] Overlow Poses - Pack 56 

[ Cap/Hair ] *~*Damselfly*~*Joey Non-Rigged Mesh Big Pack Project Limited Jul Animated Gif New (37)
[ Facial Hair] Unorthodox Teen (A) Facial Hair [mod] TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[ Necklace]  ///BENJAMINZ/// ROPE CHAIN [GOLD] IDK SL Animated Gif New (37)
[ Phone]  FLite.- Fly Phone - Poly Skull -Common #7-(Wear) Animated
[ Ring ]  [ kunst ] - Maximus ring (right)
[ Bracelet ]  !Grandeur! Clat Braclets  Track Blue Up Animated Gif New (37)
[ Bracelet2 ]  !Grandeur! Big Blue BeansBraclets Animated Gif New (37)
[Face Tattoo ]  ..Identity.  Body Shop - Vida Loka Animated Gif New (37)
[ Tattoo ] .Identity.  Body Shop - True Belief (MOM) Jul Animated Gif New (37)
[ Shirt]  [VALE KOER] SCUBA SHIRT M TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[ Pants ]  [VALE KOER] SCUBA PANTS M TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[ Shoes ] [BLK2.0] NORAGE_"CLASSIC" #Black&white TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)

                                                                           [ Pose ] 
{PM} Theo 4

Hey! I've prepared this post specially for you cuz I'm gonna be away for 20 days because of rl reasons and I'll be away for a while. I'd like to apologize to all my sponsors for this break but as soon as I return I'll be back to work. Wait for more posts in the end of the month. I hope y'all enjoy it and we'll meet soon!

TMD's July round! ( open 5th)

[Hair] *Dura-Boy*61(Black)resize TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[Bracelet] [ kunst ] - Lucius bracelet (right) TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[Ring] [ kunst ] - Maximus ring (right) TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[Sleeve] !Grandeur! DBlue Denim SleeVeless Jakcet (M)
[Tattoo] .Identity. Body Shop - Last Pill [Faded] FamousStation Animated Gif New (37)
[Pants] REPRESENT - Distressed Ripped Jeans "S, Black"
[Sneaker] Flite. -Feezys Right -(Wear) The arcade - Jun
[Bag] FLite. - Tote Bag - Black - Common #2 The arcade - Jun

 {PM} Lucas 3
 {PM} Lucas 4
Hey guys, this camera coming soon to TMD

[Hair] Wolf[Fram] Silk Job [Addme] Men Only District (MOM) Animated Gif New (37)
[Outfit][Pumpkin]Composite necklace- Male- Fit B Animated Gif New (37)
[Beard] Unorthodox Tuff Beard (Prim) [resizer]
[Outfit] [Pumpkin]Streetwear (classic body fitted) Animated Gif New (37)
[Watch] [ dynasty ] - GMT24 - RGold & Leather
[Ring] ///BENJAMINZ/// -SKY-GAZER - 2  [GOLD]
[Camera] [BUC] Zante Polaroid Camera (WORN) TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[Polaroid] [BUC] Polaroid Snap (ANIMATED) TMD (Jul) Animated Gif New (37)
[Boots] 2Real- WINVALLEY  (Male size) Animated Gif New (37)

[Tattoo] .Identity. Body Shop - Last Pill - Event FamousStation Animated Gif New (37)

 {PM} Lucas 3

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