#Look 692 The mens dpt , Atro Patena, Bufu,

hii guys, oslo lounge furniture, 21 land impact + 2 land impact laptop.
laptop comes in a copy and a trans version, so you can give one piece away to your loved one.
furniture has open / close drawer by touch.
texture changer for the sit pillows and for the deco pillows via menu. just touch the deco pillows or the wood parts.
anims in the sit pillows, one has the work-with-laptop anims. just sit and place a laptop in front of you - thats all for a good look.

[Hat] [Atro Patena] - Derek_Black NEW
[Jacket] CREDO - 'Mackintosh Clisham Jacket' M ( THE MENS DPT )
[Pants] [Pumpkin]Tight pants(size M)
[Shoes] [BuFu]Prod0.7_MESH_Shoe_Swag_V2 / NEW

[Lounge] [kusshon] oslo lounge, pillows, shelf & drawer piece with anims  ( THE MENS DPT )
[Pose] Simple Man 4 M ( THE MENS DPT )

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