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Hey guys Havok as released a  Wale Tribal Loose Tee available in THE MENS DPT
With 4 color options and 4 sizes available to ensure a proper fit. 
This sunglasses is the latest in mesh technology!
Everything on these glasses is 3D.
The frame, the lenses, the details, it's all meshed.
An hyper modern watch... that works, is the latest in mesh technology!
This watch has a time script, so the watch will tell you the actual time and date... digitally!
Touch the watch to activate a resizer script to make it fit perfectly.

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[Hair] [Atro Patena] - Neil_Black NEW
[Shape] Le FormeShape Kevin 
[Shirt] {HVK} Wale Tribal Loose Tee [Navy] (Size 1) NEW  (THE MENS DEPT)
[Pants] [BuFu] Original Blue_Mesh Jeans Perfect Nano _*Regular*
[Watch] (Dutch) Digital Funk Watch V1.0 GLOW
[Sunglasses] (Dutch) Sunglasses Oil Rig
[Shoes] Bless-Retro Metalic
[Pose]  :: Focus Poses MALE SET 6 _4 ::    
[Pose]  :: Focus Poses MALE SET 6 _3 ::

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