When two top design talents in Second Life ™ come together to create a range of complementary products- you know you are witnessing something very special.
Vista Barnes (Vista Animations) and Ramses Meredith (Egoisme) have joined forces to produce a unique event for the men of Second Life which will showcase brand new products from both designers.
The ‘Bad Boy’ event runs on Saturday and Sunday 28th/29th July, and you can be the first in Second Life ™ to own brand new products and receive exclusive gifts from both designers.
Fresh from Egoisme, the premier skin and shape brand in Second Life arrives a revolutionary new range of skins called ‘Bad Boy’.
This line of skins is the most realistic ever seen inworld, and has taken months of development time to create.
Featuring HDG (High Definition Grid) technology, these skins are ultra-detailed, and look incredibly life life-even when you zoom in close…you can even see the pores!
‘Davide’ is the very first skin and shape to be released in this new line, and he is the most sensual and erotically charged skin ever released by Egoisme.
This is a classically beautiful man, with razor sharp cheekbones, a voluptuous pout, super toned torso, rippling abdominals and sharply defined pectorals-this is one lean, mean, sex machine!

[Hair] [Atro Patena] - Joseph_Black NEW
[Skin] Egoisme  DAVIDE  Medium/Bald The Bad Boy Event NEW
[Pants] [ JP ]:dsg. Sweat Pants / light Red / MALE (S)
[Feet] [CheerNo] FeeT. V2 Rigth

[Pose]:: FOCUS POSES  Boxing Couple 1:: included gloves

Vista Animations:
The ‘Bad Boy’ AO is the latest release from Vista Animations for its male customers. This AO is designed for the urban man who rules the streets, a man who answers to no one and who plays life by his own rules.
It has a raw sensuality, gritty moves and is full of swagger; an AO for the man who takes what he wants from life and who always wins.
Modern, confident, and full of temperamental attitude – you will always remember the man who wears the ‘Bad Boy’ AO.
There will be a special ‘Bad Boy’ launch discount of 10% this weekend only, and there will also be a special free gift.

To visit the ‘Bad Boy’ event, use the SLurls to each store below:
Vista Animations: TP
Egoisme: Tp
For more information on this event, please contact:
Vista Barnes (Vista Animations)
Ramses Meredith (Egoisme)
Persia Bravin (Press and Media)

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