#Look 612 The Mens Dpt , Kauna , D.G, JUDAS

coffee hour table, 4 land impact incl. linked coffee maschine.
touch the table base TWO SECONDS for a light menu. you can adjust light radius, color, intensity, glow - make the light of the build-in lamp as you like.
touch the lamp for light on / off.
touch the coffee maschine for sound.
touch the shadow of the table to get a menu to change the wood texture - dark wood, white wood or mixed.

2 coffee hour chairs, 3 land impact each.
each 9 adjustable anims, change via menu, its very easy and after you have done it (you just have to do it once), the anims will fit your avars size much better.
inside the set you will find wearable mugs for the coffee anim and some props to decorate. enjoy,

[kusshon] furniture & interieur

[Hair] *Aotreo* Sid - Resize- MidnightT1
[Bag] J U D A S ::: The Revolution "YSL Vavin Duffle Bag" Modifiable
[Glasses] [D.G] GLASSES black mirror
[Shirt] Kauna - Shirt: Blueberry Striped (M)
[Suit] Kauna - 2pc Suit: Tie Lavendar (M)
[Leather] Kauna - 2pc Suit: Trousers Black /w Leather Belt (M)
[Shoes] Classic Loafers -Black- //
[kusshon] coffee hour set, Blogger set, all: 10 li, mesh ( THE MENS DPT)

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