Look#388 ::PM::+JeSyLiLo


Like a Doll with this cute skin from JeSyLiLo,available in ZombiePopcorn Carnival event. I love the purple color, and i decide to combine with this gorgeous dress from ::PM:: Anniversary Hunt, are 14 pearls to be founded in store, and is easy, wear ur VIP tag and before found pearls, is just touch the pearl to receive the contents in a folder in your inventory. All u see in pic, except the skin and shape, have been hidden in store, so run to Purple Moon, because the hunt end july 17. Kisses <3

Skin: *JeSyLiLO*::OlegDouPierrot:::*GoStTon*J1  ZombiePopcorn Carnival event
Dress, hair and acessories: PurpleMoon Anniversary Hunt

Poses: : Focus Poses :: Model 73 ::

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